Nutrition Chart
Vitamin A Fish liver oils, butter, cheese, ghee, milk, eggs, all green vegetables, carrots Helps me grow
Makes my eyes sparkle
My lungs healthy.
Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) Wheat germ, Dried yeast, rice polishing, whole cereals, pork Will stop you from throwing up.
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) Liver, egg white, Legumes (pulses) and lentils (dhals), leafy vegetables This will save me from dangers like poor vision, birth deformities and eczema.
Vitamin B6 (Pyroxidine) Yeast, liver, cereals, pulses, milk This will help me utilize proteins properly.
Folic Acid Leafy vegetables, liver, yeast You can keep me away from monsters like anemia, cleft lip, heart diseases….and so many more.
Vitamin C Citrus fruits (lemon, orange), gooseberry, guava This will help me fight all naughty infections and build my resistance.
Vitamin D Sunlight on skin, fish liver oils (cod , halibut, shark), oily fish (sardine, salmon, Herring), diary products This helps me get stronger bones, skull, chest, hands and feet and prevents bone deformities.
Vitamin E Wheat germ oil, corn germ oil, vegetable oils, nuts, cereals This will give me strong muscles and plenty of oxygen which I need!
Vitamin K Curd, leafy vegetables, liver You need to have this to safeguard me from scary
Calcium Milk, cheese, Yogurt This is for strong bones and strong shiny teeth!
Copper Liver Saves you and me from anemia.
Iodin Iodized salt, sea fish Effects the working of the thyroid hormone, can cause short
Iron Leafy vegetables, yeast, eggs, liver This is needed to fuel hemoglobin production for you and me. It will also help you build my bones, teeth, veins and my brain.
Manganese Beans, cereals, nuts Of course this helps me grow.
Potassium Fish, Dried fruits (such as dates) Protects me from allergies, diseases and weakness of the muscles and veins.
Zinc Leafy vegetables, pulses, yeast, cheese, shellfish Gives me sharp vision and makes me brainy!