Healthier working mom
  1. Rest comes first!
    Get rest when you are not at work and reduce household chores, especially when approaching the due date. Studies show that one and a half hour of extra rest makes a lot of difference; uterine blood flow increases, and the supply of oxygen and other nutrients to your baby improves.
  2. Relax whenever possible
    If at all possible, lie down on your left side for ten minutes during your lunch break on a floor mat. Else, just rest your head on the table or elevate your feet. Relax your mind and body.
  3. Do not let exhaustion set in
    If you are commuting to work using public transportation, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance with regards to a seat, if necessary, from the conductor or driver.
  4. Schedule your day according to energy levels
    Work out a schedule that suits your health. If you suffer from morning sickness, ask about coming in later and ending your workday later. On the other hand if you are an early riser and get tired easily in the afternoon, ask to come in early and end your workday early.
  5. Let work be secondry
    Try and work out such that you can group assignments and attend office 2-3 times a week. The balance days of the week when your presence at the office iis not necessary, you can work from home.
  6. Ask for help
    If a project or assignment is causing your health to suffer, speak up to your boss about getting the help of a coworker or even a temp worker to fill in for you.
  7. Snack - time, all the time!
    To maintain energy levels and to avoid nausea & heartburn (common ailments of pregnancy), stock up a selection of snacks to work and eat something every few hours.
  8. Emergency - pregnancy!
    Keep the kit in your desk drawer. It should contain lemon hard candies to beat nausea, an extra pair of underwear or sanitary napkin for incontinence accidents, and a cache of crackers, pretzels, and wafer cookies for snacking.
  9. Write it down...
    Maintaining a notebook at all times can offset memory loss in the first trimester. Note down important work reminders, Jot down anything you consider important for you to remember or act on.
  10. Getting ready for the big day
    If possible, start your maternity leave a week or 2 prior to your due date to give yourself ample time to rest before the big day.