1. Take your prenatal vitamins regularly. Folic acid is a prerequisite during the first trimester and iron is very, very essential. Eat healthy, fiber-rich foods with lots of vegetables and fruits.
  2. Attend your prenatal check-ups regularly and visit your dentist too.
  3. Wear your seatbelt whenever in cars, vans or trucks, take sufficient rest and keep stress at bay.
  4. Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated and go easy with juices, namely the commercial variety, because of the high sugar content.
  5. Get into regular physical activity like walks, swimming to keep you fit after checking with your doctor what is best for you.
  6. Get your calcium from low fat milk, yogurt, and low ice-cream.
  7. Massages and showers are a good idea to keep relaxed and relax those muscles.

  1. Avoid raw, uncooked or undercooked meat and eggs. Eat cooked meals only.
  2. Caffeinated beverages like coffee, tea, colas are not good. Avoid!
  3. Check with you doctor before taking cough and cold medications and all other over-the-counter drugs. X-rays should be avoided unless your doctor has Okayed it.
  4. Forget alcoholic drinks including wine. You will not know the safe amounts you can consume so why not avoid them altogether.
  5. Toxic chemicals such as paints and pesticides are harmful.
  6. Smoking and secondhand smoke are an absolute no no.
  7. High temperatures are risky for your baby so stay clear of hot environments like saunas or hot baths.
  8. High fat and sugary foods should be avoided over healthier snacks like fruits.
  9. Go for sugar instead of Saccharin. Eat sodium in moderation to control the incidence of edema
  10. Stress less!! Create a positive environment through with good books, soothing music etc anything to keep your mind off tension.