Dads to be
  1. Ensure a clean washbasin for her to throw up!
  2. Take childbirth classes together.
  3. Read books to her. (Not medical!) Or listen to nice music together.
  4. Let her nap. Better still, give her breakfast in bed!
  5. Feel the baby. Share that special sensation together
  6. Take her out to dinner
  7. Discuss the visit at the doctor's. Show interest. Read up if you have to. But don't pass on your paranoia to her!
  8. Discuss baby names with her. Revise, shortlist, research
  9. Involve your parents in your life. Involve the family. Their experience & wisdom can go a long way to ease your anxieties as a couple
  10. Rub her feet   back. It definitely helps relieve tension and gives you both precious times alone
  11. Watch her diet   medication carefully. Encourage her to eat well. Administer her medication personally
  12. Tell her how beautiful she looks & how proud you are of her for being the mother of your child
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